Cooke City Fire

Cooke City / Silver Gate Emergency Services

This non paid volunteer department consists of 15-20 very dedicated men and women. We are fire and EMS. The area we serve is extremely remote, 1.5 hours away from the nearest hospital or county law enforcement and county fire assistance. Most of the department are also members of Search and Rescue.

We take great pride in serving these great area residents and all of the visitors who recreate in this beautiful part of the country.

Cooke City / Silver Gate Emergency Services 2018 Roster

Troy Wilson – Fire Chief

Blake Zimmerman – Assistant Chief

Nick Levy – Fire Captain

Lucas Jack

Rick Sommers

Bob Purvis

Brian Boyle

Nick Hackman

Kay Whittle – EMS Captain

Jan Gaertner

Bill Whittle

Drew Morrill

John Frost

James House

Monica Tietz

Jeffery Ohlinger

Contact Us

Address: PO Box 1223, Cooke City, MT 59020